Bachao indian food Umhlanga Arch, Durban


Indian Street Food

Bachao indian food Umhlanga Arch, Durban

Inspired by the rich, cultural history, energy and vibrancy of India, Bachao serves bold, authentic, deliciously different Indian street food fresh, fast and in style.

The idea behind the store was to take away the myth of Indian food being limited to biryanis, tikkas and oily curries.

We want to introduce a fun, fresh yet delicious aspect to Indian food that does not focus on just one geographical area within India, but rather picks up its inspirations from all across this culturally vast subcontinent.

We are unique in our offering in that the team behind Bachao are actually from India, and have lived and grown up there eating the exact same food that we now present to you on our menu.

It is therefore a truly authentic menu and recipe offering. The branding on the other hand is fun, modern, vibrant and appealing to people who have both visited India, or have never been there before, but are intrigued by its culinary variety.