Momenti Gelato Umhlanga Arch

Momenti Gelato


Momenti Gelato Umhlanga Arch

My name is Ed and I am the founder and head chef of Momenti Gelato. In 2016, I studied the trade of making traditional Italian Gelato in the city of Bologna, Italy. In 2017 we opened Momenti and ever since we've been Durban's proudly local Gelateria.

At Momenti Gelato, we specialise in premium quality Gelato and Sorbetto. We handcraft every flavour from scratch with the freshest seasonal ingredients. We do not use any artificial ingredients and maintain a lower sugar and fat content. We strive to create the purest, healthiest and most delicious flavours. We also offer fresh Belgian waffles, pancakes, hand-rolled sugar cones, gelato panini and milkshakes, all of which can be paired with our wide selection of flavours.

We hope to convey the experience of having authentic Italian Gelato and to share this moment in good company.

– Edward Papaphotis