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Umhlanga Arch General Surgery and Obesity Centre

Welcome to the Umhlanga Arch General Surgery and Obesity Centre. This is a lifestyle practice with a focus on wellness. It is my belief that patients have come to expect more. Fittingly, we have to improve our service delivery to satisfy that expectation. The concept of the Arch practice is to provide a completely immersive experience whereby your patient will be treated to the very best of evidence-based general surgery and bariatric/obesity care. “It is my desire to notch up our care significantly in this practice.” Our patients experience surgical excellence, an incredible sea view from a sophisticated high-tech setting. State-of-the-art security for peace of mind at no additional cost to which you have traditionally been accustomed to. All the bariatric work is contemporary and geared to provide the best the world has to offer right on our very doorstep.