Super Smokehouse Burgers Umhlanga Arch

Super Smokehouse

African burgers and BBQ

Super Smokehouse Burgers Umhlanga Arch

We are a division of Super Burger. Our food journey started in 2015 when we popped up at food markets around Durban and then in 2016 when we fixed in a food truck on Durban's iconic Florida Road.

Inspired by an American theme, we took on the character of a 1956 Airstream Food Truck with a local twist.

Durban is our hometown and filled with food enthusiasts. We initiated the idea of making a simple cheeseburger, but applying a very strict methodology on the way. We combine the ingredients, layer the burger, and match up the bun to beef ratios, which makes us different to the rest of the mass burger chains. Our patties are hand-rolled and derived from a home-made recipe.

In line with our inspirations we were driven to go for the American style, low and slow cooked, and infuse local elements to create "African" burgers and BBQ.

As our passion for food grew, we developed the Smokehouse concept.

Authentic BBQ comprises of beef portions cooked for up to 12 hours in a wood smoker. We cook ours in a similar fashion as originally done in Texas during the 1800s.